On January 17 I decided to change three habits:

  1. Eat more protein
  2. Call more people
  3. Sleep whenever

Almost three weeks in, I’d call it a success and a failure.  I’ve changed my diet and this led to strength PRs so that has been great.

For calling people: I haven’t kept this goal everyday, although I’ve talked to at least three unique people I care about all but one day.  I realized I didn’t frame this well enough: phone calls aren’t necessary (I saw a lot of people in person) but strictly business calls shouldn’t count.

For free running sleep: this has been the worst one, as my schedule quickly became booked early morning more.  On the bright side, I’ve experimented with siestas more and they seem to help a lot.  But after reading Sebastian’s post on “How to Live 24 Hours a Day” I’m going to take a slightly different approach, and try to avoid sleeping until tired, rather than worry about when I have to wake up.

Bottom line: I started three habits, and so far I’ve kept one and better understand my goals with the other two.

28 Day Challenge: Three Weeks In